3 Lessons on ROI from the Oklahoma Sooners

Every company seeks to maximize their return on investment. Business success is measured by a company’s profitability. ROI is the best measure of a company’s marketing strategy success. Examples of how ROI can measure success can be found in college football. According to the Department of Education, Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) football brought […]

New Content Marketing Tools for 2016

From visual marketing to podcasting, 2016 is going to be the year of the storyteller and matching content creation tools with content marketing strategies can give you a competitive edge. Building your company’s reputation in multiple formats is going to be crucial. Business blogging, social media networking, and video marketing are just three of the […]

6 B2B Marketing Trend Predictions for 2016

Coming up with customer-centric marketing strategies for the New Year ultimately comes down to revisiting what took place in 2015, what trends emerged and what B2B marketing approaches look to dominate moving forward. Here are six digital B2B marketing trends that will define the landscape for 2016. 1. Content Has Never Been More Important The […]