5 Ways Social Marketers Can Win at Content Marketing and Creation

Since social signals are considered by search engines while ranking websites, it is crucial for marketers to improve their online presence with the quality on their online content. Content Marketing and Creation Marketers keep looking for new ways to creative unique and compelling content. Some excel in what they do while the efforts of others go […]

How to Use Key Performance Indicators to Measure Client Satisfaction

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are key indicators used to measure the success or performance of a business and are most commonly used to measure sales, cash and products. In any business, client retention is just as important as sales, but so often I see my clients forgetting to measure it or measuring the wrong things. I’ve learned from making […]

Why Your B2B Campaign Needs to Be Planned, Personalized, and Implemented for Humans

It’s time to do away with the perception that large enterprises are faceless, nondescript entities. In fact, they’re anything but. They’re run by people just like you, ones who are online searching for answers and ones who want to be seen as more than just a number. Adding that “human touch” to your B2B marketing […]