4 SEO Trends that You Must Know About Right Now

Anyone who works in strategic web design and digital marketing knows that the landscape is constantly changing. But one thing remains the same: you want to create the right content to drive visitors to your website and then give people the best experience possible when they land. As search engine algorithms continue to evolve, a delighted user experience is the guiding principle. Here are four top SEO strategies that you need to be aware of as you work to drive traffic to your website and if you want to read more, learn how to redesign your website for SEO.

Mobile-Friendly Is A Must for SEO Improvements

Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm update was dubbed by the media as Mobilegeddon. While the results were not as apocalyptic as the nickname when the update rolled out in April, webmasters still need to pay attention to mobile users in the future. The update only affects searches made from mobile devices, but these searches are becoming increasingly common. In fact, Google announced that mobile search overtook desktop searches this year. So if you are not optimized for the small screens you are may lose traffic.
The bottom line is that you need to design your website to be functional and provide a great experience on any size screen. Responsive design technology that allows your website to display differently on different devices is really a must going forward. This is certainly among the top SEO strategies you should be paying attention to.

Good, Strategic Content is Essential

In late 2014, Google released the third iteration of the Penguin algorithm. Since 2012, Google has been a quest to rid its search results of spammy sites that are trying to game the system rather than provide a great user experience. And, guess what? It has largely been successful. Sites that use black hat techniques to try to game the system are getting penalized and barred from appearing in search engine results. This update reset the algorithm’s data so many sites that had been de-indexed were restored to good standing.
The best SEO strategies stop trying to game the system and focus on user experience. Google has gotten awfully good at rewarding quality content and penalizing spammy content. You don’t want to risk plummeting rankings by trying to get one over on Google. Here is what you need to be doing:

  • Conversations are more important than keywords. The search engines can determine whether or not your users are engaged in your content. The dialogue between you and your audience shows Google that you are providing a great experience. This goes way beyond using the right keywords. It involves engaging in a legitimate and natural conversation about a topic.
  • Authentic brand mentions are more important than links. In the past, people used to pay for links back to their site. Search algorithms can now look at the site that is linking to yours to see if it is relevant. A highly relevant authentic brand mention on a trusted authoritative site provide a solid boost to your SEO. Getting these links involved significant efforts to produce high quality content and to reach out to influencers in your field.

Your Rankings Depend on HTTPS

Today, security is a huge concern on the Internet. Search engines, like Google, would like to encourage websites to convert from standard HTTP to the HTTPS format. This new format includes encryption that make the data transmission more secure. This is a must if you are running an e-commerce site, but it is also important for any site. Google has been adding a ranking bonus for sites using the HTTPS encryption. Using this format is one the top SEO strategies of 2015.

How Does Social Media Help SEO?

Social media has changed the way people use the Internet. Anyone can form connections and share information easily. Search engines realize that when people like and share content from your site, they are basically saying that they had a great experience. So good, in fact, that they want to share it with their connections. When people like and share your content, not only are more people exposed to your it, but the sharing also helps your search engine rankings.
Producing high quality content is just the first step. You also need to promote this content on your social media sites so people can see it and share it. In addition, you want to maintain an active presence on social media so you can engage with your audience about your content. Finally, you want to make it easy for people to share your content. Be sure to include social sharing buttons on your posts.
The top SEO strategies for 2015 focus on offering people a great experience of your website. It is nearly impossible to game the system with spammy content. Instead, you should be focusing on offer top-notch content and an amazing experience.

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