5 Powerful Tools You Can Use to Growth-Hack Your Small Business

If you think growth hacking is just for startups, think again. Just like solo-entrepreneurs and startup founders make use of every tool at their disposal to improve traction, small business owners can use those same tools to improve growth rates for their companies. Whether you own a brick-and-mortar business or an online ecommerce site, you can make use of a myriad of startup resources to maximize the potential of your company. Check out the following roundup of powerful business optimization tools to see which ones can help you significantly grow your company this year:


Curated (curated.co) lets you create custom newsletters to share with your business’ social media followers. Collect the URLs of content your company’s audience will find useful, add commentary to your finds, and share your newsletters with your followers. The more informative your curated weekly newsletters are, the more your followers will come to trust your company as a brand authority. If you’re looking for an efficient way to grow your customer base, you can’t beat the potential of a curated newsletter.


Sigstr (sigstr.com) is a terrific tool to improve the effectiveness of company emails and I’m using it all the time to integrate calls-to-action right in my email address. Unify the appearance of your employees’ emails with custom footers. Promote your latest event, update customers on new product releases, or draw attention to recent press coverage your company has received. If customer emails are part of your business’ daily activities, checking out Sigstr is highly recommended.


Receiptful (receiptful.com) is another tempting tool you can consider adding to your company’s growth initiatives. Receiptful lets you add custom messages to your receipts, based upon your existing customer data. With data-tracking and performance analytics, you can use Receiptful to draw attention to your customer’s previously viewed products, offer coupons and discounts, or update your customers of upcoming promotions.


IFTTT (ifttt.com) is a powerful growth hacking tool for business owners. You can use IFTTT to automate thousands of tasks for your company. Create custom Twitter lists based upon hashtags potential customers use, update your social media streams automatically, or even automate basic tasks like expense tracking and mileage reports. If you want to start making your workday more efficient so you can concentrate on closing sales, IFTTT is a must-use tool.

Exit Monitor

Exit Monitor (exitmonitor.com) can help reduce the number of visitors that leave your site without making a purchase. Using mouse-tracking technology, Exit Monitor allows website owners to make last-minute offers to consumers about to exit their site. Use a handy pop-up to offer a special discount, ask for a visit to your Facebook page, or advise of time-limited offers to those who sign-up for your email newsletter.
The above-listed tools let you do everything from maximize your customer interactions to streamline your business procedures. Paying attention to business variables like social media marketing, email outreach, and website optimization can help you feel like you’re taking full control of your business’ future. Will integrating these resources into your modus operandi help you to improve your company’s growth rate this year?

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