5 Ways Social Marketers Can Win at Content Marketing and Creation

Since social signals are considered by search engines while ranking websites, it is crucial for marketers to improve their online presence with the quality on their online content.

Content Marketing and Creation

Marketers keep looking for new ways to creative unique and compelling content. Some excel in what they do while the efforts of others go in vain. So to ensure that your efforts don’t go in vain, here are five ways in which you can produce content that will win applause on social platforms:

1. Maintain an Editorial Calendar

The success of social marketing highly depends on the consistency with which you create content. Maintaining an editorial calendar would enable you to track the regularity with which you are creating content. Keep some space for ideas, suggestion and updating the content you are creating. Share this calendar with others who can offer valuable contributions.

2. Stick to Your Niche

A lot of discussions are done on social media about the latest happenings in the world and it is quite evident that people will do so. But as marketers, you cannot leave your niche and stray into other discussions. You should stick to your specialty and create content around your niche field. You should create the most relevant content for the targeted audience, and help them by all means. Relevance is the key to marketing success and it is even more important for social media, since the attention span is very small and the competition if tremendously high.

3. Include Images Wherever You Can

Visual content is much more appealing than normal content. This is especially true for social media. A study by Simply Measured showed that the implementation of images and videos enabled the marketers to improve the quality of engagement by 65 percent.
Make sure the profile photos and cover pictures on your various social media platforms reflect your brand. Use alt tags, keyword rich descriptions and keyword rich descriptive filenames to improve the visibility of the images. Use high quality images from various photo stock sites but make sure you do not breach copyright laws.

4. Use Videos Extensively

Mobile phones are now equipped by high-quality cameras which has made video recording easier than ever. This is the best form of content that marketers can use for promoting their businesses, since the videos are the current rage on social scenarios.
You can use video content in the following ways:

  • Customer testimonials
  • Product demonstrations
  • DIY/How-To/Step-by-Step instructions
  • Announcement of company news/ product launches
  • Slideshow presentations, etc.

If you want to stand out from the competition, you should consider using video content in more innovative ways.

5. Share Content Regularly

Good content will always be valued, no matter what its source is. For effective social media marketing make sure you share informative and relevant content with your social circles on a regular basis. Make this a part of your marketing strategy.
Success of social media marketing highly depends on your ability to engage visitors and this can only be achieved with help of good quality content. Create and share high quality, relevant content with your followers and see the positive results pour in.

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