5 Ways to Personalize Your B2B Marketing Content

Today’s corporate buyers are tech-savvy professionals looking for solution providers. They want a personalized message, one that resonates with them, piques their interest and one that moves them towards a request. More importantly, they want to know the “how and why” of your solution.
Your B2B marketing strategies must push past the all-too-common and outdated approaches of the past. They must avoid overused buzzwords, confusing descriptions, and vague statements. You must focus less on your product’s specifications, its overall envelope, and its operating parameters, and more on the positive outcomes that result from buying your product or using your service.
Your goal moving forward should be to do away with the same tired declarations and statements, the ones used far too often by your competitors. Personalizing your B2B marketing is essential so that buyers, design engineers, and other high-level decision makers are made fully aware of how your company, its products and its services can remove a going concern. Here are five ways a B2B marketing agency can personalize your offering.
1. Using Historical Performance to Create a Connection
Customer case studies and whitepapers add the often-ignored human touch that corporate buyers want. It creates a connection. It defines a common industry-wide problem and outlines how your company’s solution removes a long-standing problem. This is your opportunity to define your core competencies. It’s your chance to outline your company’s history of performance. Free downloads in the form of customer case studies and business whitepapers are excellent tools that leave a lasting impression with your customers.
2. Defining Personal Benefits
It’s not that a product or service’s benefits can’t be appreciated. Instead, it’s how those benefits are defined. Start by outlining what your main contact’s biggest concerns are. Next, focus on how your solution provides definitive personal benefits for your customer.
What is it about your product or service that makes your contact’s job easier? How does your offering remove a problematic issue, and what if anything can your offering do to make your customer’s life easier? Research by CEB shows that adding a personal touch differentiates your offer and facilitates a stronger buyer-seller relationship. A B2B marketing agency can help you define those personal benefits so that customers see your offering as unique and value-added.
3. Using Market-Driven Data For Uniform Messaging
Companies often treat inbound leads separately from their outbound leads. However, the information gathered at industry tradeshows, conferences, discussions, and customer face-to-face visits, can be used online and vice versa. A company’s history of sales and its most popular offering are invaluable tools to be leveraged through digital marketing and advertising. In fact, your B2B marketing message should be uniform across all platforms as today’s business professional won’t often distinguish between online and offline messaging.

In the end it’s all about leveraging data to build revenue.
4. Using Real-Time Data for Sales-Driven Activities
Your website and company blog are full of vital information. You can define where leads come from by reviewing a user’s IP address. You are able to define which landing page produces the highest conversion rate. You can easily tell which digital advertising campaign generates the most clicks and you can quickly disseminate which email marketing campaign performs the best. All of this information is made readily available to you in real-time; customers are speaking to you right now by how they interact with you online. All you need to do is use that information to personalize your B2B marketing message.
5. Using Customer-Centric Content and Story Telling
Some of the strongest and most widely-recognized B2B brands increase awareness simply by telling stories, ones about how their product, service or insight has helped their customers. This is evident by Google’s own storytelling strategies, ones where they outline how online publishers and businesses are able to reach their audience through Google Adwords.
A B2B enterprise can use those same story-telling strategies to build a connection with its audience and the ideas for those stories come from the real-time data provided by customers. Our aforementioned reference to real-time data isn’t just about knowing what digital strategies work best; generating renewed interest comes from generating focused content and using story-telling. The ideas for both come straight from your own website and company blog. Your metrics and analytics are critical tools and a B2B marketing agency is best able to show you how to leverage that intelligence.
You don’t need to ask every single customer what message resonates most with them. The right B2B marketing agency can show you how to leverage the information you have right now to create a personalized message your business customers will respond to.
If you’re looking for a partner that will help you create a personalized message, then contact us now and get a free inbound marketing audit.

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