How to Promote Case Studies to Close More Deals

It can be challenging to tell a story about your value proposition; being able to show potential clients that you are capable of providing services that are catered towards them, their niche, and actually produce results, is a hyper-valuable marketing tool. The ability to demonstrate your relevance to the client can help foster “preference’ compared […]

How to Write Case Studies for B2B Projects

Project case studies are required high-demand marketing assets for professional service providers. They’re essential resources for your prospects because they provide evidence to support your positioning at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Here’s how it works. As your prospect interacts with your content, such as descriptions of your services or capabilities, or blog articles […]

5 Leadership Upgrades for Imperfect Leaders

Most executives are relentlessly focused on finding the next source of revenue, but there’s a good argument for having an exit plan at even the earliest stages of your firm’s growth. Someday, you’re going to want to get out, cash out, retire, or reinvest your profits elsewhere. At the same time, you might like to leave […]

Is Inbound Marketing a Good Fit for My Business?

Marketing has changed because our customers have changed. Technology has disrupted the way we conduct business, and, for many of us, traditional marketing and sales methods have failed to produce the results they once did. Today’s customers are researching online to learn more about their problems and their possible solutions before ever speaking with a […]

The 80/20 Rule: Are You Doing Social Media Right?

The 80/20 rule states that 80% of results are driven by 20% of factors. In sales, it means that 80% of business is driven by 20% of customers, and in marketing, it means 80% of leads are generated by 20% of marketing approaches. However, what are the implications for the rule with respect to the […]

11 Great Ideas for Local, Small Business Marketing

Small businesses don’t need to have a huge budget to market themselves. In fact, some of the most productive marketing small business strategies are the least expensive. Ultimately, success is not about the size of your budget, but more about your marketing creativity. Here are 11 great ideas to help you get started. 1. Producing […]

How Influencer Marketing Amplifies Your Inbound Marketing Results

How do you distinguish your solution so that it resonates with your audience and makes your B2B customers see your company as an innovator and a thought leader? Does the solution require increasing the number of channels or the frequency of promoting your message, or is something more required? How can you accelerate the adoption of […]

Are You Leveraging Empathy in Your Marketing Strategy?

Each sale can be described as a journey with many opportunities and obstacles along the way. Potential customers must work through the discovery, research, and action stages before making a purchase. Some buyers are more adventurous, making it to the action stage quickly, but most customers take much longer to commit. The entire process, from […]