A B2B Marketing Strategy Framework

b2b marketing strategy

A B2B marketing strategy is your business’ plan to identify a brand, establish a voice, and market your product or services to those who could benefit from it. With any industrial marketing strategy, there are key components that should come together to create a solid base and plan of attack for getting the word out […]

What Are Buyer Personas and How Do they Drive Lead Generation

What are buyer personas? They are the fastest track to increasing both your lead quality and lead quantity. We’ve all had “dead-end leads.” Whether it’s a lead that is searching for the lowest-cost-provider in your category or one that just isn’t a good fit, we’d love to exchange ten poorly matched leads for one high-quality lead. […]

How to Identify the B2B Decision Makers to Win More Business

b2b decision makers

Many B2B buying processes are long, complex and involve many different kinds of decision makers. Developing your sales and marketing strategy requires that you can target them effectively, but that can be a challenge because job titles and authority aren’t consistent from company to company and it’s hard to figure out who’s calling the shots […]

5 Ways to Personalize Your B2B Marketing Content

Today’s corporate buyers are tech-savvy professionals looking for solution providers. They want a personalized message, one that resonates with them, piques their interest and one that moves them towards a request. More importantly, they want to know the “how and why” of your solution. Your B2B marketing strategies must push past the all-too-common and outdated […]

Are You Leveraging Empathy in Your Marketing Strategy?

Each sale can be described as a journey with many opportunities and obstacles along the way. Potential customers must work through the discovery, research, and action stages before making a purchase. Some buyers are more adventurous, making it to the action stage quickly, but most customers take much longer to commit. The entire process, from […]

Why B2Bs Need To Be Blogging

Regardless of your industry, you need to be blogging. It’s just that simple. Companies that blog on a regular basis can not only dramatically increase their traffic, but double their leads. If you think you’re in an extremely technical industry — such as manufacturing or MEP —  and blogging won’t make much of a difference, […]

How B2B Companies Can Stand Out Without Getting Into an Arms Race

Nearly 60% of a typical B2B purchase decision is made before a customer ever talks to a supplier, (Executive Board 2012). They’ve visited your website, reviewed your solutions, glanced at your LinkedIn company page, searched reviews; and they’ve done the same thing for your competitors. That shouldn’t be too surprising. Today’s B2B customer has a […]