How to Write Case Studies for B2B Projects

Project case studies are required high-demand marketing assets for professional service providers. They’re essential resources for your prospects because they provide evidence to support your positioning at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Here’s how it works. As your prospect interacts with your content, such as descriptions of your services or capabilities, or blog articles […]

How to Write a Value Proposition that Drives Sales

value proposition

If your prospects understand what you do and what’s in it for them, good for you. You’re in a good starting place to start building a value proposition to separate your brand from similar businesses in your category. A value proposition in marketing doesn’t simply explain what you do. A compelling value proposition also describes […]

Brand Naming Strategies

The name of your brand, company, or product can be an important differentiator. These strategic factors can guide your brand naming process.

How to Write an About Us Page – 8 Killer Examples

You have invested in your website and creating effective content to describe your solutions, but your B2B customers still need a connection that feels relevant and human. They can’t shake your hand in person and talk about current events while taking your measure. Instead, they rely on your About Us page for that first, personal […]

How to Increase Brand Awareness for Manufacturers

Your brand is the most essential attribute of your company, but your brand is not organized, quantified, or defined by logos and visual artifacts. They are important parts of your messaging, yes, but branding is everything about your company that helps it stand out to your buyers from your competition. It’s your name, your product, […]

5 Ways to Personalize Your B2B Marketing Content

Today’s corporate buyers are tech-savvy professionals looking for solution providers. They want a personalized message, one that resonates with them, piques their interest and one that moves them towards a request. More importantly, they want to know the “how and why” of your solution. Your B2B marketing strategies must push past the all-too-common and outdated […]

Stop Pitching and Start Solving Problems to Improve Your Sales Strategy

The best business leads are already sold. They’ve pre-qualified themselves because they’ve bought into your company and closing is easy when you’re the right fit, at the right time, and they “get it.” However, if all you do is sell features or use your product’s price as the lowest common denominator, then you’ve set the […]

Are You Leveraging Empathy in Your Marketing Strategy?

Each sale can be described as a journey with many opportunities and obstacles along the way. Potential customers must work through the discovery, research, and action stages before making a purchase. Some buyers are more adventurous, making it to the action stage quickly, but most customers take much longer to commit. The entire process, from […]

On Thought Leadership Leaders and Marketing

The term “thought leadership” has seen a resurgence in recent years but the concept – no matter its name – has really never gone out of style. Some people – like Gates, Jobs, Branson and Buffet, to name a few – seem to always be one step ahead of the curve. In our mind, they […]