A B2B Marketing Strategy Framework

b2b marketing strategy

A B2B marketing strategy is your business’ plan to identify a brand, establish a voice, and market your product or services to those who could benefit from it. With any industrial marketing strategy, there are key components that should come together to create a solid base and plan of attack for getting the word out […]

How to Promote Case Studies to Close More Deals

It can be challenging to tell a story about your value proposition; being able to show potential clients that you are capable of providing services that are catered towards them, their niche, and actually produce results, is a hyper-valuable marketing tool. The ability to demonstrate your relevance to the client can help foster “preference’ compared […]

How to Write Case Studies for B2B Projects

Project case studies are required high-demand marketing assets for professional service providers. They’re essential resources for your prospects because they provide evidence to support your positioning at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Here’s how it works. As your prospect interacts with your content, such as descriptions of your services or capabilities, or blog articles […]

Which Departments in Your Company Should Be Involved in Creating Content?

Organizations that are thriving online at differentiating themselves from their competition recognize the importance of having a solid content development strategy. Not only does your content significantly influence how your products, services, culture, and values are perceived by your intended audience, your content also has a direct impact on your conversions as well. One approach […]

How to Improve ROI with Content Marketing for Manufacturers

How would you rate your manufacturing content strategy? Let me skip to the punchline. According to the Content Marketing Institute’s recent study, your answer is more than likely “I don’t know.” You’re not completely in the dark. About 80% of manufacturers have adopted some form of content marketing tactics. They’re writing blog articles, creating case-studies […]

How to Write an About Us Page – 8 Killer Examples

You have invested in your website and creating effective content to describe your solutions, but your B2B customers still need a connection that feels relevant and human. They can’t shake your hand in person and talk about current events while taking your measure. Instead, they rely on your About Us page for that first, personal […]

How to Get Started in Video Marketing

People love to consume video. Whether we’re at their desk or on their tablet or phone, we’re all consuming a remarkable amount of video. The world of video marketing is growing exponentially, with hundreds of millions of hours of online video competing for our attention. Four times as many customers would rather watch a video about […]

7 Extraordinary Benefits of Video Marketing

Video marketing has evolved from a powerful marketing tool to an essential one. From international retailers to local B2B small businesses, video should be playing a role in your marketing strategy.

Why Your Lead Generation is Failing (and How to Fix It)

Does your B2B business struggle with quality lead generation? Join the club. B2B companies often list lead generation as the single biggest obstacle for their business, and it’s no wonder. In the world of Inbound Marketing, there are no magic bullets. There’s no one thing that will bring in a ton of leads. What Inbound […]

How to Create Great Content for Inbound Success

Ultimately, your website is not about your business; it’s about your prospects and customers – the questions that they’re asking and the problems that they need solved. Your website’s job is not to be your virtual business card or digital portfolio; its function is to show to your audience that you understand their challenges and […]