CRM Lead Status Examples and Best Practices

Before investing in a CRM system or organizing your customer base to improve the management of your customer customer acquisition or customer service processes, you’ll want to get a good handle on the foundational building blocks of your sales funnel to best manage your pipeline and your overall sales team. Although you can further describe […]

What is Inbound Sales and What Can it Do For Me?

If your business is struggling to deliver a growing pipeline of new business or drive consistent cash flow, the solution might require improving your ability to advance inbound sales opportunities with the leads that you already have, rather than finding and forcing more leads into a slow or leaky sales funnel. Since most B2B solutions […]

Drive Sales Using Full-Funnel Inbound Marketing Campaigns

In previous blogs, we’ve covered setting your goals, knowing your story, and defining your audience through your Buyer Personas. We’ll call that the foundation to your Inbound Marketing. Now let’s put all that hard work into action with targeted campaigns designed to move prospects all the way through your sales funnel – from visitor to lead to […]

The Importance of Aligning Advertising with the Buyer's Journey

For every customer, there is a journey that leads a purchasing decision. A customer recognizes wants and needs, becomes aware of brands, seeks out recommendations, and compares features and so forth. You’ve seen this model before; if not, visualize a funnel with a sequence of stages that describe how a buyer advances through the process […]

How to Identify the B2B Decision Makers to Win More Business

b2b decision makers

Many B2B buying processes are long, complex and involve many different kinds of decision makers. Developing your sales and marketing strategy requires that you can target them effectively, but that can be a challenge because job titles and authority aren’t consistent from company to company and it’s hard to figure out who’s calling the shots […]

How to Reverse Engineer Your Firm's Sales Goals

Architecture and Engineering teams must continually ensure that the leads they generate are properly nurtured and converted. New customer acquisition can be a long, labor-intensive and cumbersome process. Business development cycles for professional services firms in the construction industry are longer than most, and your prospect development stages and processes must be clearly defined or you’ll easily […]

How to Use the Bottom of the Marketing Funnel

Can an argument be made that the most important part of your marketing funnel is the bottom? Well, if winning business and keeping customers is vital to your company’s long-term future, then yes, what emerges at the bottom of your funnel is most important. Now you need to outline the key performance indicators (KPIs) you’ll […]

Stop Pitching and Start Solving Problems to Improve Your Sales Strategy

The best business leads are already sold. They’ve pre-qualified themselves because they’ve bought into your company and closing is easy when you’re the right fit, at the right time, and they “get it.” However, if all you do is sell features or use your product’s price as the lowest common denominator, then you’ve set the […]