How to Improve ROI with Content Marketing for Manufacturers

How would you rate your manufacturing content strategy? Let me skip to the punchline. According to the Content Marketing Institute’s recent study, your answer is more than likely “I don’t know.” You’re not completely in the dark. About 80% of manufacturers have adopted some form of content marketing tactics. They’re writing blog articles, creating case-studies […]

6 Industrial-Strength B2B Lead Generation Techniques

Leads: we all need them. They are the people who have, in some way, shape or form, expressed interest in our company’s products or services. Quite simply, our businesses cannot grow — cannot survive, even — without a steady stream of qualified leads. Traditional “outbound” lead generation techniques, such as cold-calling and list-scraping, continue to […]

Manufacturing Marketing: Using Buyer Personas to Generate Better Leads

Getting manufacturing leads can be tough. Too many industrial companies rely heavily on a solid reputation and “word of mouth” to generate leads and close new business. This passive method of lead generation is too susceptible to sporadic leads and overall business lulls. Cold calling doesn’t deliver the results it once did, because people just […]

7 Ways that B2B Companies Can Increase Facebook Reach

Are you one of the many B2B companies struggling with your engagement, and, more importantly, your results from your Facebook marketing strategy? Likes are great, but you need leads. Social media can produce impressive results, but not overnight. It’s all about connecting with your audience, having an open communication, and building trust over time. Understand […]

Why Your Lead Generation is Failing (and How to Fix It)

Does your B2B business struggle with quality lead generation? Join the club. B2B companies often list lead generation as the single biggest obstacle for their business, and it’s no wonder. In the world of Inbound Marketing, there are no magic bullets. There’s no one thing that will bring in a ton of leads. What Inbound […]

How to Increase Brand Awareness for Manufacturers

Your brand is the most essential attribute of your company, but your brand is not organized, quantified, or defined by logos and visual artifacts. They are important parts of your messaging, yes, but branding is everything about your company that helps it stand out to your buyers from your competition. It’s your name, your product, […]

Grow Your Manufacturing Company with Inbound Marketing

Today’s buyers don’t want to be “marketed to.” Technology has changed the way that people and companies interact, from a consumer buying a $50 kitchen appliance to the most complex B2B industrial purchases. Today’s buyers want to research a product or service online. They want to read reviews and compare solutions. And if they do […]

Why B2Bs Need To Be Blogging

Regardless of your industry, you need to be blogging. It’s just that simple. Companies that blog on a regular basis can not only dramatically increase their traffic, but double their leads. If you think you’re in an extremely technical industry — such as manufacturing or MEP —  and blogging won’t make much of a difference, […]

How B2B Companies Can Stand Out Without Getting Into an Arms Race

Nearly 60% of a typical B2B purchase decision is made before a customer ever talks to a supplier, (Executive Board 2012). They’ve visited your website, reviewed your solutions, glanced at your LinkedIn company page, searched reviews; and they’ve done the same thing for your competitors. That shouldn’t be too surprising. Today’s B2B customer has a […]