How to Create Engaging Content for Technical Industries

One of the most common misconceptions about marketing in an empirically-boring industry, is that a successful campaign relies on a clever, consumer-like buzzworthy promotion. Neither your new logo, nor your detailed brochure or price list, nor an article about your latest quality improvements will attract buyers to your sales funnel. Humans are highly evolved creatures and they’ve adapted well to filtering out an arsenal of corporate speak, me-too branding, and product features and benefits. I know; I was once a twentieth-century marketer.
While a viral campaign is highly unlikely, it doesn’t mean a B2B business can’t adopt effective marketing strategies that engage targeted personas and help them solve problems at every stage of their buyer journeys. B2B markets are different than consumer goods, but marketing strategies often work across multiple platforms.

Using Paid Promotion for a Complex Market

B2B markets are complex because they involve high-dollar value purchases of complicated products, longer lead times, and more involved sales processes. Digital advertising campaigns need to embrace this complexity. Pay-per-click (PPC) and digital advertisements should use industry-specific keywords that define your company’s competencies.
Your enterprise may have certifications and accreditations that set it apart from the competition. These are often keywords your customers are searching for online, so they’re ones you can use to generate targeted traffic.

Content That Tells a Story and Solves a Problem

Business customers aren’t interested in an itemized list of your product’s features. Instead, they’re interested in how your products solve problems. The most successful B2B content marketing strategies are leveraged to help tell a story, uncovers a problem and provides a solution.
Write content that outlines a common problem and ends with a solution. Define what your solution means for different customer personas and incentivise those personas with separate calls-to-action (CTAs). The solution could be based on cost reduction, increasing a product’s life, or improved quality and performance.

Offer Insight Through Downloads

Technology markets are ones where customers need to be informed before making purchasing decisions. Combining content with free downloads like eBooks, business whitepapers, and customer case-studies, is an ideal approach for tech-savvy customers. Use your content to pique prospects’ interests. Close with a free download that secures their contact details.

Build a Network with the Right Social Media Platform

Not all B2B decision-makers are engineers, technicians, designers or PhDs. Many are business professionals who don’t want to be bogged down with technical write-ups. In this case, you’ll need to simplify a bit and rely upon a social media platform that caters to business professionals. Ignore Facebook and build your network on LinkedIn and other professional social sites. You’ll be able to reach both technical and non-technical contacts and generate high-quality leads.

Incorporating Newsjacking

Newsjacking is nothing more than identifying the biggest hot-topic issues of the day and connecting it to your market. This is where you piggyback on recent events and add your own commentary. It’s a solution that allows you to stay up-to-date with emerging trends. Newsjacking can be used in content, email marketing, public relations, digital advertising and within your monthly newsletters. But do it without plagiarizing.

Guest Blogging

Every industry trade publication has a website. See what type of content produces the most comments, the most shares, and which author has the biggest social media following. Contact the website and ask if you can contribute free content. Guest blogging is a great way to generate leads and build your network. You can then use those same content topics across all your digital strategies.
Creating exciting B2B marketing campaigns that bring your customers closer. Understand what their hot buttons are, then push them.

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