How to Write an About Us Page – 8 Killer Examples

You have invested in your website and creating effective content to describe your solutions, but your B2B customers still need a connection that feels relevant and human. They can’t shake your hand in person and talk about current events while taking your measure. Instead, they rely on your About Us page for that first, personal connection. Is it making the right impression? It’s one of the most critical, most viewed pages on your website. So why is it treated as the stepchild? Business owners who happily launch into a discussion of the fine points of their product list will spit nails at the thought of writing about themselves and their company.
Here is a look at why you need to care about your About Us page and 8 ways to create a great one. With examples!

What a Great About Us Page Does for Your Business

Your customer is conducting research on companies and solutions that are a good fit. He wants to engage with a brand that solves his problems and/or shares his values. After a prospect checks out your home page or product page, he navigates to your About Us page. Is your company a good fit?
When you wonder how to write an About Page, just remember to talk directly to that person. Tell him why you are a better choice than your competitor and how your background makes you the best fit.
Your About Us is the place to show off your Unique Value Proposition, geared specifically to your buyer personas ( read More about Persona Targeting), your ideal customer.

8 Essentials for a Powerful About Us Page

Wondering how to write a killer About Us page? It’s not that difficult. Follow these 8 guidelines to tell your story and differentiate yourself from your competitors.
#1. Be conversational. Avoid jargon and corporate speak. Actually, talk to your visitors. Your goal is to make them feel at home with you.
That means using “I” and “you,” not third person, which sounds forced. Be direct and casual. Avoid flowery, fluffy statements, which come across as insincere and empty.
Feel free to inject your personality into your writing and photos. Visitors relate to you more easily and you sound likeable.
A great example: Apptopia
#2. Make it about your customers. People read your About Us page to find out how you can solve a problem or benefit them. That means you first need to know who your target market is and your ideal customer. Once you’ve figured out your buyer persona, you know exactly how to focus your message.
Write about what your product and company does for them. In fact, show that your business story is what gives you the value that your reader is seeking.
A great example: Copyblogger
#3. Give some background. Tell your story. You’ve got one, whether you’ve been in business for 10 years or 10 days. Everyone loves to hear how you got your start, your ups and downs and your future plans. They identify with it.
Be sure to couple your story with your values and your brand.
Two great examples: Yellow Leaf Hammocks and Marie Catribs
#4. Give proof. Back up your expertise with facts and hard evidence. Highlight one or two testimonials, list your awards and credentials, mention statistics that prove your skill.
A great example: Tumblr
#5. Express what you believe in. Tell readers why you’re serious about your product or service, about your mission and values.
This is the place to mention any charitable and public service contributions. Whether it’s supporting little league or helping people after a tornado, let your readers know. 
A great example: WorldWildlife 
#6. Show them what you look like. People love to see real photos. Let them match the name to the face, both you and your team, as they read your About Us page. It makes you seem real and establishes a stronger connection.
While you’re at it, add photos of your workplace and perhaps your neighborhood. Your visitors trust you when they know the people they are dealing with.
A great example: MailChimp
#7. Make it easy on the eyes. Big blocks of copy don’t work anywhere on a website, including your About Us page. Break up copy with subheads, short paragraphs, bullets, graphics and photos.
Without visual interest, they won’t stick around to real your story. Your text needs to be easy to scan.
A great example: Moz
#8. Make it easy for visitors to check you out. Post your social media icons and links where they are easy to find. People like to see that you are established on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.
It gives your company a solid feel. They know if something goes wrong, you’ll be easy to find.
A great example: Eight Hour Day
Sound like a lot of work? Just Cherry Co. can help. From targeting your ideal market to converting visitors to customers, we understand the fine art of content strategy.
Need help creating your buyer persona? Once you know their needs and behaviors, you can personalize your content to appeal to them.

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