New Content Marketing Tools for 2016

From visual marketing to podcasting, 2016 is going to be the year of the storyteller and matching content creation tools with content marketing strategies can give you a competitive edge. Building your company’s reputation in multiple formats is going to be crucial. Business blogging, social media networking, and video marketing are just three of the numerous ways you’ll find yourself reaching out to customers. While content marketing and social media tools like Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn Pulse are commonplace, there are a growing number of newly released/in-development resources that might not yet be on your radar.

Content Marketing Tools to Check out for 2016

If you want to ensure 2016 is the year you totally nail your audience-outreach strategy, here is a selection of hot up-and-coming content marketing tools you’ll want to investigate for your brand:

Cloud-Based Podcast Recording with Cast – A cloud-based podcast recording, editing, and publishing solution. If you’ve been thinking of adding podcasting to your content marketing game plan, now is your chance to give it a shot. Cast lets you record and edit your own podcast and publish your audio marketing, complete with storage and analytics. Cast is cloud-based, offers multiple audio-editing tools, and even has podcast analytics. What are you waiting for?

Community Building with Plush Forums – If you’re using content marketing to build an engaged community around your company, you’ll want to consider adding Plush Forums to your growth strategy. Plush Forums lets you create a branded community engagement site, complete with your business’ logo and company colors. Connect with customers on topics that matter to them, offer content for potential customers to discover, and discover growth opportunities via conversations with your loyal brand followers. Plush Forums are mobile-enabled and can be set to public or private, according to your business’ needs.

Machine-Driven Link Building for SEO, Dibz – If link-building is part of your content outreach strategy, keep Dibz on your radar. Currently accepting requests for early access, Dibz simplifies the research process of hunting for valuable link opportunities. Whether you plan to offer guest posts on high-authority websites or find valuable connections to boost your social media following, Dibz can cut down your workload and improve your outcomes.

Broadcast Live Video with Check-Ins via SpotOut – Also currently accepting early-access requests, SpotOut combines live video broadcasting with check-ins. Like a mix of FourSquare and Periscope, SpotOut will allow you to check in at a location, tweet your arrival, and create a live video broadcast at the same time. Perfect for attending conferences and tradeshows, SpotOut just might be the next hot brand-building tool for 2016.
Paying attention to newly launched/beta startup companies is a phenomenal way to ensure your content marketing strategy doesn’t become stale and tired. When top brand builders are continually utilizing new tools in their audience outreach strategy, it is imperative you do the same. Maintaining an awareness of in-development products and services just might help build your brand’s reputation while keeping you one step ahead of competitors. Do you think you’ll be adding any of the above-listed tools to your company’s must-investigate list?

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